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Crafting excellence for your home


Luxury Cleaning and Lifestyle Concierge Services in Paris

At Briance Paris®, we specialize in luxury cleaning and concierge services designed to meticulously care for your property and enrich your experience in Paris. With our founders, Élise & Céline Marquis, personally overseeing each service, we ensure an outstanding standard of quality that meets your highest expectations.


Our extensive experience in luxury hospitality, encompassing guest relations and housekeeping, has equipped us with a profound understanding of our clients’ lifestyles, expectations, and the valued services they seek. 


Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a busy professional, or someone who treasures peace of mind and time, Briance Paris is your trusted partner. We provide seamless support, enabling you to enjoy your Parisian home without the hassles of residence management


Our concierge offerings are designed for those who demand excellence in every aspect of their lives. From bespoke housekeeping to expertly coordinated lifestyle management, we deliver services that exemplify elegance and tranquility. 


Experience the transformative effet of our luxury cleaning and lifestyle concierge solutions, and see how we make every stay in Paris uniquely pleasurable and stress-free.

Post-Construction Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Fabric Cleaning

Concierge services

Since 2019, the satisfaction, trust and loyalty of our clients have been our most cherished accolades. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients inspired us to expand the scope of Briance Paris’s luxury cleaning services.


We now offer and extended range of home management and concierge services, all performed by our dedicated team who handles every aspect of your home with the utmost care:

  • Home Opening and Closing: prepare your home for your arrival ad secure it after your departure.
  • Packing and Unpacking: efficient organization and careful handling of your belongings.
  • Provision Supply: restocking essential supplies tailored to your preferences.
  • Key Holding: secure holding and management of your keys for added convenience and safety.
  • Security Checks: routine checks to ensure the security and integrity of your property.
  • Housing Renovation: oversight of renovations to enhance and maintain the value of your property.
  • Overseeing Third-Party Suppliers: coordination and supervision of external suppliers to ensure top-quality service.
  • High-End Housekeeping Services: detail-oriented cleaning and maintenance for a pristine home environment.
  • Coordination of Specialty Cleaning: managing complex cleaning tasks requiring specialized expertise.

At Briance Paris®, we are committed to extending not just the life or your property, but also enhancing your living experience with our bespoke home management services.

Why Choose Briance Paris®?

  • Personalized oversight by founders: Élise & Céline Marquis bring their personal touch to ensure every detail is perfect.
  • Tailored to your lifestyle: our services are customized to fit your unique needs and schedule.
  • Unmatched elegance and tranquility: let Briance Paris® transform your property into a haven of luxury and comfort.

Embrace the distinctive elegance and peace that Briance Paris® brings to your property. Contact us to experience the pinnacle of luxury cleaning and residence management services in Paris.


They trust us

"We understand how challenging it can be to manage a property from afar, which is why we created our property management services. We serve as your single point of contact, ensuring the maintenance and security of your home or apartment." Céline and Élise

Seasonal Cleaning for Well-being and Health: Why Four Seasons Cleaning is Essential

The tradition of spring cleaning has its roots in agricultural practices, where it was essential to clear out cellars and attics to make room for incoming crops. Today, this concept has evolved into a seasonal home cleaning practice, necessary to maintain a healthy and comfortable living environment.


Four seasons cleaning, or year-round deep cleaning, isn’t just about cleanliness. It’s about promoting health and well-being, enhancing indoor organization, and ensuring a home that’s well-cared for.


Why is Seasonal Cleaning Important?


During winter, homes are typically sealed off to retain warmth, leading to an accumulation of soot and dust. With the advent of spring, it’s an opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate your living space. This thorough deep cleaning not only leaves your home cleaner but also positively impacts your well-being and health.


Professional Seasonal Cleaning Services: A Smart Choice


Given the extensive nature of seasonal cleaning, it’s often recommended to employ a specialized company. Professional cleaners can save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on other aspects of life while they take care of your home.


Eco-friendly Cleaning: A Responsible Approach


When it comes to seasonal cleaning, we strongly endorse the use of natural methods. Such cleaning practices respect both your living space and your health, avoiding harmful chemicals often found in standard cleaning products.


Experience the transformation of your living space with four seasons cleaning, the key to a healthier, happier home.

Promoting Health and Sustainability: Eco-friendly Cleaning is at the Heart of Our Mission

The well-being of our environment, our clients, and our team is central to our ethos. As part of our commitment to eco-friendly cleaning, we actively minimize the use of harmful products and chemicals that may disrupt the human hormonal system and pose threats to our environment.



Why Choose Eco-friendly Cleaning?


Conventional household products are typically used for cleaning and sanitizing interiors, but these often contain chemicals harmful to both our health and the environment. By prioritizing eco-friendly cleaning, we provide safer working conditions for our teams while ensuring a healthier living space for you, your family, and even your pets.


Benefits of Eco-friendly Cleaning


Our use of natural products doesn’t just enhance the work environment for our team; it also ensures a comprehensive hygiene process for your home, promoting a healthier space for everyone involved. Embrace the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning – for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable living environment.”