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“By understanding the challenges of remote property management, we initiated our bespoke services. At Briance Paris®, we take care of the upkeep, security, and daily management of your Parisian residence while you’re away, ensuring peace of mind and seamless operations.”

The Evolution of Briance Paris®: Specializing in High-End Interior Cleaning and Concierge Services

The introduction of our private concierge services marked a logical and natural progression in the growth of Briance Paris®, solidifying our position as specialists in high-end interior cleaning.


Customer Satisfaction: Our Driving Force

Since 2019, the satisfaction, trust, and loyalty of our clients have been our most valued accolades. Our customers’ overwhelming response encouraged us to extend our services beyond the existing scope of Briance Paris’s cleaning offerings.


Our Past: The Luxury Hospitality Industry

Our extensive experience in the luxury hospitality industry, ranging from guest relations to housekeeping departments, enabled us to deeply understand our clients – their lifestyles, their expectations, and the services they value the most.


Our Present: Supporting Clients in Paris

We assist individuals and businesses in Paris who wish to maintain and elevate their properties without any hassle or worry. Our concierge services are designed for busy individuals, frequent travelers, and those who value their time and peace of mind.


The Briance Paris® Commitment

Briance Paris® takes the onus of comprehensive property management, allowing you to enjoy your home’s comfort without the worries of upkeep. With us, your property remains in immaculate condition – before your arrival, during your stay, and after your departure.

"We provide dedicated support to exceptional real estate owners in Paris, aiming to maintain and elevate their properties."