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Fabric Cleaning

“Immaculate and elegant, these interiors have been meticulously cleaned by Briance Paris®.

Restoring the integrity of your textiles while entirely eliminating dirt is the essence of our fabric cleaning service. Our expert team takes into account not just the type of stains, but importantly, the nature of the textile and the object that needs cleaning.

From armchairs and sofas to curtains, throws, carpets, and all other furnishings, the fabrics used in these items are delicate and not suited for machine washing. We’re proud to say our team has been personally trained by Pascale Allaert, who has held the prestigious title of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ in Dry Cleaning since 2007.

Beyond her passion and detailed knowledge of textiles, Pascale Allaert has imparted to us thorough training, encompassing mastery and fiber-friendly techniques for cleaning all types of textiles.

Whether it’s a lightweight, delicate carpet, a dining room bench, or elegantly draped curtains, these fabrics hold invaluable sentimental and aesthetic worth. Our priority is to preserve them, not just for cleaning but for their enduring beauty.

That’s why we visit your home or office to care for the fabrics on-site. We approach the task with the utmost respect for the textile and your space, using eco-friendly cleaning products and gentle methods.

Each material demands its unique care technique. Let us handle it for you for optimal results and a respectful cleaning process.