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Post Construction Cleaning


This exquisite interior, designed by Atelier Baptiste Legué, after the professional cleaning services provided by Briance Paris®

Undertaking construction or renovation is a significant investment, emotionally, time-wise, and financially. You’ve painstakingly selected your decorator, workforce, and top-tier materials, patiently overseeing the work to ensure an impeccable outcome.


As you’re poised to inhabit your rejuvenated space, one final yet crucial aspect needs addressing: post-construction cleaning, an often-overlooked yet integral part of the renovation process.


Your newly renovated property and its materials require special care and maintenance. At Briance Paris®, our team of experts specializes in comprehensive and detailed post-construction cleaning services, providing a ‘turnkey’ solution for your needs. We follow meticulous procedures tailored to the unique needs of your property. 



As your renovation project approaches its culmination and the move-in date looms, we're here to ensure your transition into a clean, dust-free environment

The living room, enhanced by the post construction cleaning services provided by Briance Paris.”

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