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Pre-birth Cleaning


These interiors have been refreshed and immaculately cleansed by the Briance team.

Preparing a welcoming, clean environment is a crucial step as you anticipate the arrival of a new baby. This innate ‘nesting’ instinct we carry from our ancestors propels us to create a tranquil and serene space for our little one’s entrance into the world.


“As a mother and being surrounded by young mothers, I understand how intense the initial months can be for a family. Having your home in a pristine state during the final stages of pregnancy becomes almost essential for a peaceful birth. The assurance of welcoming your baby into a soft, clean haven provides immeasurable comfort during the postpartum period.” Céline Marquis, Co-Founder of Briance Paris®


According to research published in Evolution & Human Behavior, a pregnant woman’s sudden inclination to tidy, organize, and structure her environment is far from a whim. It’s part of a rational ‘nesting’ instinct, a mechanism that instinctively urges us to safeguard the impending arrival of our little one, as explained by Dr. Marla Anderson of McMaster University, Canada.


Briance Paris®Pre-Birth Cleaning offers a comprehensive cleaning service exclusively designed for pre-arrival preparations. This nurturing gesture, ensuring the optimal environment for your newborn, is also an ideal gift for an expecting friend, sister, or colleague, aiding them through the crucial time before or after childbirth.

Are you seeking support in readying your home for the arrival of your little one? Or perhaps you wish to gift this distinctive service to someone you hold dear?